Need a quick assessment of your current call center outsourcing partnership?

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Call Center Outsourcing Checkup ClipboardDo you want to make sure that your current outsourcer is meeting all of your desired performance KPIs, meeting your quality objectives, providing you with the most competitive pricing?

If so, we can help you evaluate your current outsourcing partner to assure that they are providing you the most competitive rates while meeting industry standard service level performance standards and requirements.

Outsource Consultants are call center experts with a combined 60 years of call center outsourcing industry experience and have the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the global outsourcing marketplace. We have spent thousands of hours vetting and researching the strengths and specializations of over 300 of the industry leading outsource call centers.

Our Free Call Center Checkup Includes:

   1) An assessment of your current call center outsourcing provider to make        sure your organization's outsourcing is making the grade.

   2) Recommendations for how you can improve your existing call center            outsourcing experience.

   3) Competitive cost analysis of your current pricing model versus similar outsourcers in the region or market you are                  currently outsourcing (onshore, nearshore, and offshore). In summary, we'll tell you if you're currently overpaying,                  underpaying, or inline with competitive market pricing.

If we determine that your current call center outsourcing partner doesn't meet industry standards or provide competitive rates, we’ll provide you with:

   1) 4-6 call center cost proposals.

   2) Comparative side-by-side competitive analysis to further assist you with your outsource call center selection process.

   3) Consistent follow-up with you and your new call center partner to track performance and assure they perform to your            standards and meet your KPIs.

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